Marco Misano

Tourism and the city of Rome are in my DNA! Like my father and his mother before him, I was a licensed souvenir vendor in the Vatican (a traditionally Jewish profession!), but I wanted more.
Driven by a passion for the sites, art, and history of the Eternal City, I decided to become a tour guide. I studied hard, passed the grueling regional exams, and immediately began working with some of the largest tour operators in Rome. I have now decided to take the next step: going out on my own, offering my intimate knowledge of the city, and its Jewish history in particular, directly to you.

Let me tell you about Roman Jewish life throughout the millennia, and show you Rome’s famous sights the ancient Ghetto, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the piazza, the Vatican and much more from a Jewish perspective! Learn about the city from someone who has not only studied it extensively, but is a member of its oldest continuous community: Bene Roma the Jews of Rome!

I was born and raised in Rome, in an Orthodox Sephardic family that came to this city over 500 years ago.