Kosher Meals to Go for Jewish Tourists and Students in Rome

Carciofo alla giudia: a delicacy from one of our Kosher Cooking Classes

While in Rome you can still have your delicious kosher meals easily and fast. If you are planning to go studying abroad or a trip amongst history, magnificent ancient architecture, great food and still respect your jewish dietary law, the city of Rome is your perfect destination. In Rome, kosher meals are delivered to your […]

Ancient Rome and Judea: Judas Maccabeus to Julius Caesar

Rome Colosseum

Something that always surprises people is just how far Roman and Jewish history goes back. Essentially everything you see in Rome – from the temples of the Roman Forum to the iconic Colosseum – was built after the Roman Republic first came into contact with the people of Judea, way back in the mid-second century BC. The year was […]