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Coins of the Jewish-Roman Wars: Judaea Capta

Judaea Capta: the Siege of Jerusalem by David Roberts

Judaea Capta Part 1: Judaea Capta The summer of 70 AD scorched as the sun beat down over Judaea, baking its desert sands. For the Roman legions surrounding Jerusalem’s city walls, the bright light reflecting off their armour was blinding. But for the people of Jerusalem, these were the darkest of days. On August 30th, […]

History of the Jews in Rome: the turbulent 15th century


The history of Jews in Rome is fraught with turbulence.  Living alongside their Christian neighbors, they were subject to alternations of acceptance and suspicion, tolerance and persecution.  The view of the Church and State throughout much of the Middle Ages had its roots in a position taken by Pope Alexander II. In 1063, he decreed […]

Ancient Rome and Judea: Judas Maccabeus to Julius Caesar

Rome Colosseum

Something that always surprises people is just how far Roman and Jewish history goes back. Essentially everything you see in Rome – from the temples of the Roman Forum to the iconic Colosseum – was built after the Roman Republic first came into contact with the people of Judea, way back in the mid-second century BC. The year was […]