From Judah Maccabee to Simon Bar Kokhba

Rome Colosseum

Ancient Rome and its relations with Judea.

In this tour we will study how Jewish and Roman resources described the situation and reveal some particular information, which is not commonly known. Another issue that will be dealt is how from this interrelationship a new religion was born: Christianity.

Jews settled in Rome already in second century B.C.E. when they came as allies to the Roman Republic.

Unfortunately, the relationship changed after Pompey the Great took advantage of internal fighting in the Hasmonean house and captured Judea. Situation got even worse In Imperial time, what led to three different Jewish revolts against the Roman Empire.

We will visit the zone where Jews lived in originally, the place where the winning parades pass and end, the place where the כלים where exposed for almost 400 years, the ancient Roman senate, the arch of Titus, the Colosseum and many other sites.

Our primary goal will spread knowledge about the past and present connections between the Jewish world and the country of Italy on a historical, artistic, religious, and cultural level.

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