Apart from the Ghetto, this is by far my favorite tour. It is educational, fun, and full of secrets to discover together. It is also suitable for very young children.

We will focus on the hidden Jewish influences inside the Vatican. Thanks to Michelangelo’s Talmudic studies, we will get an idea of the extent to which Jewish culture reverberates throughout the Vatican—the very heart of Catholicism.

My experience and studies have allowed me to discover a number of little-known secrets and rumors—some of which I am in the process of publishing. I will share these discoveries with you.

We will visit the magnificent collection of Jewish inscriptions known as the Jewish Lapidarium (during the periods in which it is open to the public), the Gallery of Maps and the Gallery of Tapestries, as well as the Gallery of Statues and Hall of Busts.

We will then proceed to the Sistine Chapel and visit St. Peter’s Basilica, where you will gain further insight into the Jewish influences on the works of art you will see there. The tour will end in St. Peter’s Square.

Come and join us on this unexpected tour at the heart of Christianity!