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  1. shaynie schwartz says:

    Our trip tp Rome was spectacular……..we hired Marco for his Knowledge of Jewish history and we got way more than anticipated!!!! He was our “Host” for the 4days we were there….even finding us a pharmacy which was open 24/7!!!!
    We enjoyed every minute of Marcos tours…….we did them all!!!!!
    Do not hesitate to book this remarkable guide…his knowledge and enthusiasm will give you a remarkable experience!!!

  2. Noam Fix says:

    Marco is the way to go! We heard about him from friends of ours and booked him for a ghetto tour. The time flew! We felt like we only scratched the surface of his knowledge. Not only does he know the area his delivery is fantastic and fascinating. You are living the experience of the Roman jews.
    Besides for being a terrific guide he’s a great guy to have in your corner. He was extremely generous with his time both during and after the tour. He gave us endless tips of how to maximize our time in the area as well as how to save money. From which metro to take to which money changer to use.. Marco is a full service Rome guide. Worth everyone penny!

  3. Simon H says:

    ever had. he’s very clear, very professional and he makes sure that everyone is getting his flow. He motivated us to learn all of the history in rome and all over the world. we really enjoyed being with him every second and we called him to be our tour guide for many places. he’s very kind, helpful and a very nice person. The information that he knows is unique, im sure that any of the tour guides around there knows the information that he knows.
    if you are going to rome, make sure to book him the first day for your entire trip and im sure your not going to regret and your trip is gonna become much more better.

  4. Tami Benveniste says:

    Our family recently spent a whirlwind week in Italy – Rome, Florence & Venice. While we enjoyed many remarkable experiences, the highlight of our trip were the tours we booked with Marco. We took his tours of the Jewish Ghetto, Ancient Rome, and Vatican.

    Marco’s knowledge of these areas is unbelievable. There was no language barrier. He spoke in clear English (with a charming Italian accent). The tours were anything but dry history lectures. Marco brought ancient history alive and kept us, and our 3 sons (a toddler, a tween, and a young adult) fully engaged.

    Marco was a wonderful resource and offered much appreciated assistance beyond our scheduled tours. He seemed genuinely happy to make our trip run smoothly. Marco helped us save time and money by assisting with advanced ticket purchases to the Vatican, Forum, and Colosseum; He advised us on restaurants (even making recommendations on what to order!); He suggested museums and sites that we should visit; He put us in touch with a driver for airport transfers and even recommended a wonderful guide for a private tour in Florence.

    Having Marco show us Rome was like touring the city with an old (and extremely knowledgeable!) friend. Our only regret was not booking more tours with this fantastic guide,

    I cannot recommend Marco highly enough! You will not be disappointed!

  5. Sharon Milner says:

    We read all your very positive reviews and we agree with each one. We just want to add one thought- Marco is listed as a tour guide, but he is really an historian. From the first Jew that came to Rome up until today Marco makes you feel that you were there. From the Arch if Titus to the Collisium to the jewish ghetto and magnificent synagogue Marco puts you back in time. His knowledge of tanach was an added bonus. Marco definitely helped us “share our identity”. We keep repeating what the Ponovitch Rebbe said as he stood under the Arch of Titus- we are here- where are you!!! Thank you Marco. Five stars. Grazia Mille. Hatzlacha. L’hitraot. Sharon and Yossi Breuer.

  6. Michelle Behar says:

    We booked a tour to the Vatican with a Jewish perspective and it was amazing. We learned so much. Marco is the best guide, he is full of information and anecdotes. Time flew and we enjoyed every second of it. We also did a tour of the Roman forum and the colosseum. Marco andjusts himself to the kids and he makes it easy . I highly recommend Marco when visiting Rome, he is the best!

  7. Shlomo says:

    My family and I recently had a tour of Rome with Marco. He gave us insight into the well known and little known facts about Rome as was extremely informative. Excellent communicator and really engaged everyone including my three grandchildren on tour with us. We usually do not take these kinds of tours, but were very happy we did these tours with Marco (Ancient Rome, Jewish Rome, Evening Stroll, etc.) Marco is a tour guide “par excellence” and is the “Master Tour Guide of Rome”. Just wish we had more time for his Vatican Tour–next time! If you are looking for an exceptional tour guide in Rome, Marco is a must!!

  8. Elliot says:

    We took a tour with Marco of the Jewish Ghetto and Ancient Rome. We found him to be friendly, passionate and insightful. He also kept our daughter involved by pointing out things that would be interesting to her along the way. Marco takes pride in his work and it shows. We would definitely recommend him!

  9. Joe Soffer says:

    Being our first visit to Rome, we booked Marco for 4 different tours around town. It was the best decision ever! Marco brought history to life, keeping adult teens and kids interested and begging for more. He isextremely knowledgeable in Roman history and culture having a PHD in archeology and a Masters in art history. To top it all off he has great personality. He handled all aspects of our visit from hotel suggestions to airport pickup to dinner reservations and everything in between. Would never think of going back without booking Marco in advance. The money you spend on Marco will make your entire trip worthwhile. Thank you Marco for creating memories our family will always cherish!

  10. Morris Shalom says:

    Marco is fabulous and really made our trip to Rome special. We were stopping there after a week in Israel and Marco was able to show us the Jewish history of Rome. He made it all come to life with his explanation and historical perspective. We were 2 families and he took care of everything from the minute we arrived until we left. He has connections with everything you need in this beautiful city. We cannot thank him enough and can wait to come back.

  11. Shelley Davidoff says:

    Marco is a great tour guide. We toured the Jewish Ghetto and we learned so much about our Jewish history that day. He is so personable, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. He has many stories to share and the experience was wonderful! I would book your Rome tours with Marco.

  12. Anna says:

    Marco was great! He had a great combination of serious knowledge and a sense of humor. My 18-year old son and I did the Vatican tour with Marco, and we both felt connected and comfortable with him. His love and personal connection to Judaism, combined with in depth biblical and historical knowledge, truly took the tour to the whole other level. Thank you Marco!

  13. Sandy Sugar says:

    We spent a day in Rome and we took 2 tours with Marco. Not only was he informative with his vast amount of knowledge, he made us feel our heritage and brought it to life. We had a 12 year old with us and he kept all of us engaged and interested. We highly recommend Marco!

  14. S and G Mandel says:

    It was indeed an honor to tour Rome with Marco. His passion, insight and vast knowledge have left a deep impression on us and made our visit most memorable.

  15. Rachel Lebowitz says:

    Marco brings Roman history alive with his witty personality and unique prospective. He has a wealth of knowledge in every nook and cranny of the city. He explains everything in such a fluent way! I wish we could have stayed longer and toured more with him! Best tour we ever took!

  16. Dani Feiner says:

    Marco was a fantastic guide. Friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and a great guy to have spent time with. I highly recommend him as the perfect tour guide to Rome from the Jewish perspective. He knows his Tnach. Mishna and Gemoro. Full marks for fantastic and enjoyable and informative tours

  17. Jeff S. says:

    Marco was an amazing guide in Rome!!
    He has an incredible anount of knowledge on Italy’s history, both from Jewish and secular perspectives.
    His fun and outgoing personality made our tour even more fun.
    I’ve been to Rome many times for work, whenever I have a chance I schedule another tour to see something new.

  18. Yifat Elmaliah says:

    I really love Marco coz he knows the very best places to visit around Rome and his guiding is exact and fascinating! LOVED IT! be back soon!!
    אני אוהבת את מרקו כי הוא מדריך מצויין מדוייק וממוקד ומכיר את המקומות המושלמים לראות ברומא!!

  19. Stanley B says:

    Marco is FANTASTICO! Took 3 tours with him over 2 days–Jewish Vatican; Ancient Rome; and the Ghetto. Marco gave amazing insights from both a Jewish and Italian perspective, based on extraordinary personal knowledge and experience. It doesn’t pay to try to see Rome without him.

  20. Micha says:

    My family and I spend few days in Rome last month. We set up several guided tours with Marco. The experience was amazing. Tours were well organized, the guides were extremely knowledgeable, great explanations and great stories. It was as if all the history came back to life, it was very real and vivid.
    I strongly recommend to take these tours, they were one of the best times during our vacation in Italy.

  21. David Rubin says:

    We spent five days in Rome in June and took two tours with Marco. We are not guided tour people but he made both tours (The Ghetto and The Jewish Vatican) so very interesting that we could only regret that they were not longer.

    Marco is a true professional as a tour guide and a craftsman when it comes to telling stories that make Rome come alive. Spending time with Marco is not only a worthwhile experience, you will look back and view it as the highlight of your time in Rome.

    I can’t think of any better way to see the true, hidden Rome than to take a tour with Marco. He is truly a special person with a passion for Jewish Rome that he conveys to each and every one of his charges.

    Five+ stars and most highly recommended.

  22. Massimo Orsini says:

    Splendida visita. Marco è cordiale e preparatissimo. Un modo nuovo di vedere le meraviglie del Vaticano e non solo, con curiosità e aneddoti che altrimenti non avremmo mai conosciuto. Grazie mille Marco.

  23. David says:

    Marco is a professional of high level, nice and helpful.
    I visited the Vatican Museums with my children he was engaging and attentive to the demands of my boys.

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