Jews have lived in Rome for over two thousand years. This ancient and continuous presence has made the Roman Jewish community the oldest in the western world.

It is impossible to talk about Rome without talking about Roman-Jewish culture. Jewish and Roman history are intertwined. On this tour you will discover just how and why this so.

Walking through the streets of Europe’s oldest ghetto, history will come to life before your eyes, thanks to the stories and little-known facts collected by someone who has made the Roman Jewish experience his business!

In order to gain a better understanding of the events that have unfolded in the Ghetto and in the life of its close-knit Jewish community, we will visit the Tempio Maggiore or Great Synagogue, completed in 1905, and the Jewish Museum, with its eclectic collection of marbles, fabrics, treasures and ritual objects that will bring to life the customs and traditions of the Jewish community of Rome