Ancient Rome jewish tour*

Explore the ancient city from a unique perspective, following the timeline of 2000 years of Roman Jewish history, based on Midrashic texts and historical accounts.

We will visit the archeological sites of the Roman Forum and Titus’ Arch, where you will hear about the latest discoveries regarding Jewish cultural and religious influences on ancient Rome

I will take you to the Colosseum, built with the proceeds from the sacking of the Temple in Jerusalem as witnessed by an inscription you will see. Discover life at the time of the Roman gladiators and try to imagine what the performances held in this enormous amphitheater must have been like. It will send shivers down your spine!

From the Colosseum, we will proceed to Michelangelo’s Moses, the great sculptor’s most humanizing statue, located inside an unremarkable little church. A must see for anyone with an interest in Judaism in modern Rome.