Kosher Cooking Classes

How to make Jewish artichoke

Kosher Cooking Classes are semi-private (maximum of 6 guests) Private classes available upon request

I was born in Rome, near the Jewish Ghetto, and memories of my childhood always bring me back to helping my grandmother cook for Shabat. 

Growing up, I was lucky to enjoy a wealth of culinary experiences. Gathered around the table with family at traditional Roman restaurants, dining in style at starred establishments. Even sampling the delectable cuisine of the Jewish restaurants of London, where I lived for a year. 

The only thing I love more than showing people around my city is teaching the tricks and secrets of the true Roman Judaic cuisine (la cucina ebraica). In excellent company and with good background music. Naturally. 

My Kosher cooking classes introduce you to the cuisine that shaped this city

What better way of spending a morning or afternoon in the heart of Jewish Rome than preparing and enjoying delicious food in convivial company. This is exactly what these Kosher Cooking Classes offer: a three-to-four-hour culinary experience under the guidance of an expert chef.

Jewish-style artichoke, otherwise known as Carciofo alla Giudia
Jewish-style artichoke, otherwise known as Carciofo alla Giudia

Your hands-on, certified kosher cooking class will equip you with the know-how to prepare authentic Roman Jewish dishes to recreate at home to the envy of friends and family. 

We use only the finest and freshest local ingredients when preparing our cuisine. So whether you’re making prized “Romanesco” artichokes, curly endive, crispy zucchini, or fresh anchovies straight from the Mediterranean with aromatic basil and extra virgin olive oil, you can be sure you’re creating Romano-Jewish cuisine the way it’s meant to be made.

Depending on the time of year, we might also cook up stracotto (chunks of steak slow-cooked in rich passata and ruby red wine), fresh pasta tossed with ragù, and an indulgent dolce ebraica (Jewish dessert).

Follow your cooking class with an unforgettable dining experience

Why not follow one of your Kosher Cooking Classes with a private lunch or dinner in a fantastic location with a 360-degree view over Rome. (Once you’ve had time to digest!) And what better way to work up an appetite than by taking a Roman Synagogue or Jewish Vatican tour.

“ Now You’re Cooking! ”