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Discover the center of Christianity from a Jewish perspective: from Jewish inscriptions and artefacts in the Vatican Museums to the Talmudic traditions behind Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel!

Jewish and Roman history intertwine. Explore some of Rome’s most famous landmarks: the Colosseum, the Forum and the Arch of Titus – all from a Jewish perspective!

Visit Europe’s oldest ghetto and experience over two thousand years of Roman-Jewish life!
See the Great Synagogue, the Jewish Museum and much more!



My Jewish Rome Combo tour lets you optimize your time and money – exploring two of Jewish Rome’s must-see highlights in the space of just four hours and leaving you the afternoon free for yourself. After visiting the Ghetto, Synagogue and Jewish Museum in the morning (2 hours), we’ll take a short break for a traditional Ghetto lunch. Then we’ll make our way over to the ancient center where we’ll spend 2 hours discovering the secrets of the Colosseum, Arch of Titus and Roman Forum.

Stroll through some of the city’s most charming streets and alleyways, followed by dinner at one of the excellent kosher restaurants in the Ghetto.

Visit this extraordinary site, closed to the general public. The Jewish catacombs on the Appian Way, with their wealth of Jewish symbols, provide invaluable information about the lives, occupations, and customs

Explore the Eternal City in style and comfort, saving your energy for its museums and attractions! All tours can be customized to include a Golf Cart, Vespa, Vespa with Sidecar or e-Bike!



Immerse yourself in Kosher Italian cuisine by taking a certified kosher cooking class with an accomplished Roman chef or exploring the historic centre tasting delicious Kosher street food. Or both!


Exploring the Eternal City can be exhausting, especially with little ones in tow. That’s why I’ve created this fun, factual, and interactive tour. To show your kids Rome the right way!

Seen everything there is to see in the Eternal City? Roman Jews offers tours and day-trips across Italy! Sample fine wines at Tuscany’s Cantina Giuliano, explore the highlights of Venice and its islands, experience a walking tour of Florence and its Synagogue, and discover the picturesque towns and breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast.

Your time in Rome is precious; you deserve to enjoy it to the full.

Leave the organization to a local, and let me take care of everything.

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Guiding for Rabbi Paysach Krohn
Guiding for Rabbi Paysach Krohn
Recording a TV show about the Ghetto
Leading a kids-friendly tour of Rome
Leading a kids-friendly tour of Rome
Guest Lecturing at the American University of Rome
Guest Lecturing at the American University of Rome

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